Service Tax is levied by the Central Government

A. True

B. False

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  1. The time limit for sending back manufactured goods by job-worker to the principal manufacturer is ______________…
  2. The registration certificate obtained from excise authorities is to be exhibited at the registered premises.
  3. Excise Duty is payable at the time of completion of manufacture of goods.
  4. Service Tax has to be paid on any advance amount received from the client prior to raising any bill…
  5. There is no service tax on
  6. STC stands for
  7. In relation to Excise Duty, fresh application for registration has to be made for an already registered…
  8. The basic objective of service tax is
  9. In case of non-payment of excise duty, interest is to be paid @ ____________on the amount of unpaid…
  10. The claim for refund of excess Service Tax paid has to be made within _______________ from the date…
  11. Service Tax is levied by the Central Government
  12. In case of excise dutty the duplicate copy of invoice is for the
  13. Service tax is administrated by
  14. The Central Excise law is administered by
  15. In relation to Excise Duty form AR-1 is to be submitted for clearing goods under
  16. There is a provision of remission of Excise duty in case of destruction of goods by natural causes only.
  17. An event management company charged Rs.50,000 from his client for the services rendered by him. The…
  18. Total number of services brought under Service Tax net through Finance Act, 2005 is 10.
  19. The concept of service tax was introduced in India , in the year
  20. Remission of excise duty can be applied for in case of destruction of goods by
  21. In case the factories of a manufacturer, covered by Central Excise law, falls under different Commissionerates,…
  22. The Registration Certificate is issued within _______________________ days of receipt of application…
  23. The New ECC of a registered excise dealer having PAN IAVSG2356X is IAVSG2356X XD 001.
  24. In a financial year, turnover of upto _________________ is exempted from payment of Central Excise duty.
  25. In relation to Excise Duty, under Physical Control System, goods can be removed on any day, at any time.
  26. A manufacturer may be exempted from payment of excise duty if he proves that the goods are unfit for…
  27. Registration formality has been exempted by CBE&C in case of
  28. The taxable event under Central Excise law is
  29. A person manufacturing excisable goods with "nil rate" of Excise Duty does not have to apply for registration.
  30. In case of removal of goods to be destroyed under supervision of Central Excise Officer, the invoice…