Choose the right combined sentence from the following options.

She had many shortcomings. But she was a nice woman.

A. She had many shortcomings but she was a nice woman.

B. In spite of having many shortcomings, she was a nice woman.

C. She was a nice woman had many shortcomings.

D. She was a nice woman have many shortcomings.

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  1. It was not known. What is she doing in Indore.
  2. She stood on tip-toe. She reached for the mangoes on tree.
  3. It will start working. You give it a kick.
  4. He went to the market. He saw the latest gadget. He could not, however purchase it.
  5. Sheena will not spend her money. She will not invest it.
  6. Separate: Anita was scolded. Her uncle scolded badly.Combined: Anita was badly scolded by her uncle
  7. Ashoka was a great conqueror. But he failed to unite the various conquered territories into a well-knit…
  8. You will find it. You look for it.
  9. He has walked five miles. It is possible that he is tired.
  10. Separate: She wanted to educate her son. She sent him to London. Combined: She sent her son to London…
  11. She had many shortcomings. But she was a nice woman.
  12. Mohan is industrious. He is very particular in his work.
  13. There was little hope of success. She tried hard.
  14. She was honest. This was his statement. It was right.
  15. I will get money for you. Dont go till then.
  16. The teacher enters the class room. You should get up.
  17. She was really upset with him. She said nothing.
  18. I dont believe. She said something.
  19. I know the man. He is a doctor.
  20. Separate: I love Sanchit very much. He is my brother.Combined: I love my brother Sanchit very much.
  21. The hope is. She will return tomorrow.
  22. He didnt get admission. His grades were not very good.
  23. The fact is. Nisha has not qualified the test.
  24. He settled in Nagpur. He was born there.
  25. He paid the subscription fee. His membership was renewed.
  26. Please listen. Your teacher is telling something.
  27. He is snobbish. I like him.
  28. You must start at once. You will be late.
  29. You must be quiet. You must leave the room.
  30. India will win the World cup. That is certain.