In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

Sheila gained an advantage __________ me.

A. upon

B. from

C. on

D. over

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  1. ________ pollution control measures are expensive, many industries hesitate to adopt them.
  2. ______________ his being innocent of the crime, the judge sentenced him to one year imprisonment.
  3. The move to allow dumping of mercury _________ An outcry from residents of the area who _________ that…
  4. Ravi was always_______ of the good fortune of others.
  5. The audience____ at the end of drama.
  6. Since the British were masters of the seas, no ____ power could venture into Indian waters under British…
  7. If strict security measures were taken, the tragedy might have been ________
  8. ___________, the more they remain the same.
  9. Laxmi lost an important file and rather than confessing her___ she blamed Sandra for losing it.
  10. The teacher _________ the concept by _________ practical examples.
  11. A group of agitators ____ the mob to break down the Vice-Chancellors door.
  12. It is time to ________ ongoing programmes and ______ new horizons.
  13. His remarks were filled with _____ , which sounded lofty but presented nothing new to the audience.
  14. Education is central because electronic networks and software-driven technologies are beginning to ___________…
  15. The petitioner had ______ an immediate stay form the court on allotment of the Hats ________ of investigation…
  16. Nature is ______ and unchangeable , and it is ______ as to whether its hidden reasons and ______ are…
  17. The Defence Minister said today that the Government was determined to____the accord and tulfil the legitimate…
  18. Scientists, working to save the earth, have ___________ dry water that soaks carbon three times better…
  19. They were _________ to vacate that house as _________ as possible.
  20. Brands __________ decision-simplicity strategies make full use of available information to __________…
  21. The unprecedented rise in the price of gold in India, contrary to the___elsewhere in the world, is baffling…
  22. Real friends, genuinely wanting the best for the organisation, ___________ different garbs.
  23. The members were_____ of the date of the meeting well in advance.
  24. Serious threat to our ecology and environment can be ______ with organic cultivation.
  25. Our Constitution was based on the belief that the free ___________ of ideas, people and cultures is…
  26. She had a terrible night caused by a(n)_____ during her sleep.
  27. Although there is ______________ gunfire, there is no stiff resistance to the revolutionary army.
  28. Ill take ______now as I have anothers appointment some where else.
  29. Unpredictable __________ of the child could not lead the consultants to any ___________.
  30. The treasure was hidden ______ a big shore.