Short cut key for Reverse command is Ctrl+Shift+R

A. True

B. False

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  1. To get set by set print out in PageMaker we use
  2. In PageMaker we cannot separate the Frame and it's content.
  3. Fill and Stroke is related to Edit Menu.
  4. In Pagemaker US English option is related to __________.
  5. The shortcut key of 400% zoom view in PageMaker is
  6. To get the Color Palet option we have to press_____________
  7. We can see Left / Right margin when _______ option is off.
  8. Convert Quotes converts double dashes to em dashes.
  9. Alt+Ctrl+P shortcut key is related to Page Numbering.
  10. There are ________ type of Leading Method in PageMaker.
  11. OLE is possible in PageMaker.
  12. The Cropping tool is used to trim any ________ graphics.
  13. The shortcut key of 100% zoom view in PageMaker is
  14. In PageMaker, we can create the border automatically around the object,by using ________ option from…
  15. Text Wrap can not be used in case of _______ graphics.
  16. Click Facing Page if you want left and right pages displayed together.
  17. The Undo command reverses all actions in PageMaker.
  18. Paragraph Specification dialog box provides _____types of Alignment.
  19. The default extensions of PageMaker file is .p6.5
  20. The shortcut Key of Show Pasteboard is _________ in PageMaker.
  21. We can work with two types of graphic in PageMaker.
  22. TOC stand for
  23. By double clicking on Pointer Tool, we get Preferance Dialog Box.
  24. The keyboard shortcut for Force Justify is ______ .
  25. The shortcut key to activate Text Tool is Alt+Shift+F1
  26. In PageMaker the minimum Point Size is 8pt.
  27. We can create Gradient color in PageMaker
  28. The shortcut key of Paragraph Specefication is ___________
  29. In case of Hanging Indentation, the value of first line should be positive.
  30. In PageMaker the zero point is the position at which the zeros on the vertical and horizontal rules…