Shortcut key for Option dialog box is Ctrl + J.

A. True

B. False

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  1. Shortcut key for Zoom out is F3.
  2. We cannot Blend objects into Path.
  3. Shortcut key for Option dialog box is Ctrl + J.
  4. We get Envelope Rollup to press Ctrl + F8.
  5. Vector graphics Images are stored as algebraic equations defining the various lines and curves of the…
  6. Shortcut key of Convert to Curve is
  7. We cannot work with Layer in CorelDraw
  8. The Freehand tool lets you draw smooth, precise curves node by node. When you use the Bezier tool, each…
  9. The default Paper Type/Size in CorelDraw is ___________.
  10. Shortcut key for Extrude roll-up is Ctrl + E.
  11. In CorelDraw The Shape tool has no effect for the Grouped object.
  12. The maximum constrain angle is 900 in CorelDraw.
  13. The ________ command makes it easy to create the illusion of perspective in your drawings.
  14. We cannot export WMF files from CorelDraw.
  15. We can rotate guides in CorelDRAW.
  16. Unit of measurements in CorelDRAW can be in Kilometers
  17. We can insert pages in CorelDRAW
  18. The shortcut key of Envelope is
  19. The keyboard shortcut of Blend tool is F9.
  20. The shortcut key of Align and Distribute is Ctrl+A in CorelDraw.
  21. The shortcut key of Blend is
  22. The shortcut key of Shape Tool is _________ in CorelDraw.
  23. We cannot import. TIFF file in CorelDraw
  24. The shortcut key to open Scale and Mirror dialog box.
  25. The shortcut key of Extrude is
  26. The Auto Reduce option is used to reduce number of unwanted nodes.
  27. Lens effects can be applied to almost any closed shape.
  28. In CorelDraw we can preview selected object.
  29. The shortcut key of Lens is
  30. We cannot edit an object even after placing it within a container.