Silicon percentage in the silicon steel used for electrical appliances/equipments is

A. 0.3-0.4

B. 12-14

C. 3-4

D. 20-25

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  1. With increase in temperature, the surface tension of water
  2. Lead is added to 60:40 brass primarily to improve
  3. Cold cracking in the heat affected zone of a high strength steel weld can take place because of the
  4. Wave length of X-rays is about 1 angstrom; however it cannot pass through a sheet of
  5. The 'transition temperature' for ductile to brittle behaviour of steel increases with increase in the…
  6. Pick out the wrong statement about nucleate boiling.
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  8. __________ flux is used for the extraction of metal from its self fluxing ores.
  9. Internal energy of a gas obeying Van-Der- Waals equation of state, [p + (a/v2)] (V - b) = RT, depends…
  10. Transition from laminar flow to turbulent flow in fluid flow through a pipe does not depend upon the
  11. An oxidation process is accompanied with decrease in the
  12. A steam pipe is intended to be insulated with two layers of insulating materials of different thermal…
  13. In case of a, centrifugal pump, the ratio h1/h2 is termed as the __________ efficiency (where, h1 =…
  14. Atomic __________ of an element is a whole number.
  15. 'Flare tower' used in industry is meant for
  16. Factor of safety in machine design is defined as the ratio of ultimate stress to __________ stress.
  17. Out of the following, maximum temperature drop for a given heat flow & for the same thickness will be…
  18. Volumetric composition of flue gas analysed with the Orsat apparatus is : CO2 = 12%, O2 = 8%, CO = nil,…
  19. __________ is not used as the control rod material in a nuclear reactor.
  20. The minimum carbon content in steel should be __________ percent for it to respond to a hardening treatment.
  21. Diameter of the rivet to be provided on a 20 mm. thick boiler plate will be __________ mm.
  22. Which of the following is not an ore of copper?
  23. Circular cross section machine parts which are symmetrical about the axis of rotation are made by hot
  24. Constituents of stellite are
  25. Unit of viscosity in CGS system is
  26. Which of the following rays has the least wavelength?
  27. With increase in compression ratio, the volumetric efficiency of air compressor
  28. Euler number is defined as the ratio of inertia force to __________ force.
  29. Normalising of an object does not
  30. The best guide to judge the general quality of water is the measurement of its