Software engineers should not use their technical skills to misuse other peoples computers.Here the term misuse refers to:

A. Unauthorized modification of computer material

B. Unauthorized access to computer material

C. Dissemination of viruses or other malware

D. All of the mentioned

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  1. _____ was an improved version of an earlier process model called the Nine-Phase, Stage-Wise model.
  2. _____ refers to the elimination or reduction of third-party intermediaries between the client or customer.
  3. ISO stands for _____.
  4. Design phase will usually be?
  5. State True or False. 1. COCOMO is not a cost estimation model. 2. Human factors have an important role…
  6. Select the incorrect statement: Software engineers should
  7. _____ focused on the Waterfall and prototype models in their empirical study, emphasizing the factors…
  8. State True or False. 1. People have different software needs that change over time. 2. Most computer…
  9. The economic success of an application is measured in terms of metrics such as _____.
  10. Design phase includes?
  11. State True or False. 1. People are at the core of problem solving because business problems are solved…
  12. _____ interoperate with systems at a mobile or remote level in order to access inventory, check prices,…
  13. State True or False. 1. 4GLs are not CASE tools. 2. The domain of applicability of CASE tools are much…
  14. State True or False. 1. Cultural differences are examples of inherited characteristics that affect the…
  15. The SOFL model of Liu and colleagues (1997) presents an integrated approach that adopts _____ methodologies…
  16. Which of the following notation in data flow diagram is used to represent user interaction with system?
  17. The name for the way that computers manipulate data into information is called:
  18. The rapid application development model is______________
  19. Which of the following the notation is not used to represent an object class in an object model?
  20. _____ interacts with the system at the financial level.
  21. Which of the following is a the process metric which is useful for assessing maintainability?
  22. Tools used in the early phases of the life cycle are called _____ CASE tools.
  23. _____ is the open source software.
  24. The most famous risk reduction strategy is _____.
  25. Feller and Fitzgerald observe that between _____ percent of software costs are traditionally associated…
  26. State True or False. 1. The seminal book by Kent Beck, Extreme Programming Explained express some of…
  27. ____________ serves as the foundation for software engineering.
  28. The Linear sequential model is also known as ________.
  29. Integrating business processes with the Internet leads to far greater _____ between customers and suppliers.
  30. State True or False. 1. Leveson adopts a cognitive engineering approach to software development. 2.…