Solar radiation is preferred to other sources of energy because

A. it is practically inexhaustible

B. it is the cheapest form of energy

C. it does not cause pollution

D. All of the above

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  1. Of the following which has got the highest frequency?
  2. Tap water is placed in an open pad and allowed to evaporate. After some time the temperature of water
  3. The power of a lens is
  4. A photon is
  5. When a whistling engine approaches a person standing on the platform, the frequency or the note
  6. The Cact that the compass needle does not point true north was observed first by
  7. Acoustics' la a branch or study dealing with
  8. The instrument used to determine the RD (Relative Density) of a liquid by the principle of floatation…
  9. In the ramous equation of Einstein E = mc2 , 'c' denotes.
  10. A bucket of water is hung from a spring balance. A piece of iron is suspended in the water without touching…
  11. The frequency of an ultrasonic wave is
  12. Out of the following which element has the longest half-life period?
  13. Holography is the technique of
  14. Cyclotron is an apparatus used
  15. A hunter on the ground wishes to shoot a bird on a tree at a distance with his rifle. He has to point…
  16. Echoes are produced by
  17. In a river, the currents are fastest where the river la
  18. Where does the centre of gravity of a rubber ring lie?
  19. The rate of cooling of a hot body depends on
  20. The electrical domestic tube light gives white fiourescent light because of
  21. The presence of impurities
  22. A thermostat is a device used
  23. When a swing la drawn to a side Its potential energy In relation to the earth
  24. An integrated circuit la more advantageous than a conventional circuit because
  25. The hygrometer is an apparatus used for finding the
  26. Red Light is used as a dancer signal because
  27. The plants in a greenhouse are enclosed in a glass enclosure because
  28. Choose the scalar quantity from the following physical quantities
  29. Astigmatism, a structural defect of the eye, is due to
  30. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction is Newton's law of Motion