Some of the common terms used to describe technical drawing include:

A. Drafting

B. Engineering Graphics

C. Engineering Drawing

D. All of the above

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  1. 4.The principle reason for using an auxiliary view is ________.
  2. This type of surface may be a plane, a single curved surface, or a warped surface:
  3. Some of the standard Auto-CAD text styles used in architectural drawings includes ________.
  4. In U.S. structural and architectural drafting, all dimensions of this length are usually expressed in…
  5. This is the most common application for developments and intersections:
  6. Oblique drawings are dimensioned in a similar fashion as these types of drawings:
  7. One critical issue drafters need to pay close attention to is the ________.
  8. An architect often relies on a ________ to complete the set of technical drawings used in the design…
  9. If a plane is parallel to the plane of projection, it appears:
  10. This is the plane upon which the top view is projected:
  11. This is used to indicate that a surface is to be machined:
  12. When creating your own blocks it is important to avoid drawing any portion of the block in the ________…
  13. Two-point perspective is also known as:
  14. This is a solid shape that fits inside the mold and forms a hole in a cooled cast metal or molten plastic…
  15. When setting up a mechanical drawing in Auto-CAD the drafter should set the units to ________.
  16. This type of section is not in direct projection from the view containing the cutting plane:
  17. On typical electronic diagrams, these items need not be shown unless they are needed for clarification:
  18. By using a ________ section of a cylindrical mechanical part the drafter should be able to show only…
  19. When the receding lines are true length, and the projectors are at 45 degrees to the plane of projection,…
  20. To avoid having to dimension to a hidden feature the drafter can utilize a ________ section.
  21. In isometric projection, all distances are approximately this percentage of their true size:
  22. These units are based on inch-foot and yard measurements:
  23. A partial auxiliary view is used to show only the ________ in the auxiliary view.
  24. Drawings created with commercial software are typically saved as:
  25. A full scale technical drawing will have a scale factor of ________.
  26. This is a conical-shaped recess around a hole, often used to receive a tapered screw head:
  27. This type of structural steel drawing shows all dimensions necessary for fabrication:
  28. Geometric primitives include shapes such as ________.
  29. The title block used on working drawings should include the __________.
  30. A circular arc is dimensioned in the view where you see its true shape by giving the value for its: