Spark plug is provided in a/an

A. Engine having carburettor

B. Diesel engine

C. Compression ignition engine

D. Both (B) & (C)

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  1. Notched bar test is used for testing the __________ of a material.
  2. Which of the following is not a charge material for cupola?
  3. Steel rods are normally used for concrete reinforcement because concrete and steel have almost equal
  4. The maximum stress below which a material can withstand an infinite number of cycle of stress, is termed…
  5. Tesla metre per ampere (T. m/A) is the unit for the measurement of
  6. Basic open hearth furnace (BOF) is not used for producing __________ steel.
  7. Which of the following is the most suitable material of construction for the condenser tubes, where…
  8. Angular displacement can be measured suitably by a
  9. In fluid flow, and heat and mass transfer, one encounters (i) kinematic velocity (μ), (ii) molecular…
  10. The mechanism involved in the removal of metal in drilling operation is by
  11. Broaching tools are usually made of
  12. Coating provided on the electrodes used in the arc welding is not expected to
  13. Wood is a/an __________ material.
  14. Cupola produces __________ iron.
  15. All the atoms of the world comprise of electrons, proton & neutron except that of __________ atom in…
  16. Ammonia leakage in the refrigeration system is detected by
  17. If a solid is compressed adiabatically in its elastic range, its __________ remains constant
  18. The rolling process cannot be used to produce
  19. Out of the following, the __________ pipe has the least corrosion resistance.
  20. The underground well of a biogas plant is called the
  21. The burnout heat flux in the nucleate boiling regime is not a function of the
  22. Thermodynamic cycle involved in the working of a thermal power plant is the __________ cycle.
  23. Which of the following is not used as a bearing material?
  24. Electrometallurgical methods of metal extraction is normally used for those metals
  25. The delivery pressure of boiler feed water pump compared to the boiler steam pressure is
  26. In extrusion of metals, which of the following statement is true?
  27. Corrosion is
  28. Secondary hardening in steels arises out of the
  29. Which of the following is the correct nature of shear stress distribution along the cross section in…
  30. For dynamic strain measurement, the Wheatstone bridge used is of __________ type.