Species were regarded as unchangeable by

A. Lamarck

B. Morgan

C. Charles Darwin

D. Many biologists of 19th century

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  1. Fire was first used for protection and cooking by
  2. Geological evidence of most primitive mammals is found in
  3. The book "Origin of Species" was written by Charles Darwin in
  4. The earliest ancestor of horse from early Eocene period is
  5. A fossil is a
  6. Appearance of ancestral characters in the new born, such as tail, monstral face, gill slits, multiple…
  7. A starfish with six arms, may be a case of
  8. The resemblance between the south American llama and the African camel indicates a common ancestry.…
  9. The book "Voyage of the Beagle" is concerned with which one of the following ?
  10. Species were regarded as unchangeable by
  11. The study of Galapagos Finches shows
  12. Fossilisation occurs where
  13. Which of the following gases were absent in free form when life originated on earth?
  14. Darwin proposed his theory of natural selection on the basis of
  15. In forming the theory of evolution by Natural Selection, Charles Darwin was greatly influenced by
  16. Which were dominant during Mesozoic era
  17. The diploid number of chromosome in Chimpanzee, Gorilla and Orangutan is
  18. The recent ancestors of modem man were
  19. Co-worker of Darwin was
  20. The epoch of human civilisation is
  21. Which of these does not play a role in evolution ?
  22. Fossil Archaeopteryx was discovered and preserved as
  23. The concept of use and disuse of organs was given by
  24. Role of isolation in evolution is
  25. The first fossil man was
  26. Which animals dominated in Paleozoic era ?
  27. Doubis in 1891 found the fossil of Java ape man. It is
  28. Some of the important evidences of organic evolution are
  29. The idea of "Survival of fittest" was given by
  30. We use the term hybrid breakdown when the