Srinivas Gokulnath, 1st Indian to finish solo Race Across America belongs to which state?

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Maharashtra

C. Bihar

D. Gujarat

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  1. COMMIT will be launched in how many States?
  2. What is the Currency of Netherlands?
  3. Union Govt launches which scheme to attract Indian scientists abroad?
  4. In which year Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) was established?
  5. Srinivas Gokulnath, 1st Indian to finish solo Race Across America belongs to which state?
  6. Who is the current Minister of AYUSH?
  7. Who created the award 'The Order of the British Empire'?
  8. According to Mercer's Survey which city in India is the most expensive city for the expatriates in India?
  9. Miss World in bodybuilding championship Bhumika Sharma belongs to which state?
  10. Who appointed Mohammed bin Salman as Saudi Arabia's crown Prince?
  11. Who is the current Cabinet Minister of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity)?
  12. Which country approves sale of 22 Predator Guardian drones to India?
  13. Where is the Headquarters of IDFC Bank Situated?
  14. World Bank sanctions 44 million dollars for which state project?
  15. How many judges are there in International Court of Justice?
  16. Rath Yatra or Chariot Festival is annually celebrated in which state of India?
  17. Online financial services marketplace BankBazaar has begun its operations in which country?
  18. Cabinet approves cooperation in textiles, clothing and fashion sectors between India & which county?
  19. Australia Open Super Series title winner Kidambi Srikanth belongs to which state?
  20. Ankush Dahiya is associated with which sports?
  21. Which state announces Free Education for girls from Nursery to PhD?
  22. What is the Currency of Romania?
  23. Best Astrologer of world' awardee TS Vineeth Bhatt is from which city?
  24. While Delhi's Connaught stands ninth most expensive office market in the world, which stands first?
  25. Which airline stands second in the world by Skytrax?
  26. Who is the CEO of Google?
  27. According to the Union home ministry, Aadhaar is not a valid identification document for Indians traveling…
  28. Who is the current Chairperson of International Cricket Council?
  29. When was the first International Day of Yoga was observed all over the world?
  30. When was World Refugee Day celebrated?