Standard time as compared to normal time is

A. Greater

B. Smaller

C. Equal

D. There is no such correlation

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  1. Which of the following conditions are necessary for applying linear programming?
  2. In a PERT chart
  3. In value engineering, important consideration is given to
  4. The time of completing a project in network analysis is given by following time of the critical activity…
  5. Which of the following is independent of sales forecast?
  6. If (R) is the base rate guaranteed per hour, (S) is the standard time for the job and (T) is the actual…
  7. The type of organisation preferred for a steel industry, is
  8. The salient feature of functional organisation is
  9. Pick up the correct statement from the following
  10. Halsey plan of wage incentive
  11. Breakeven analysis is a
  12. Pick up the correct statement about relationship between various floats
  13. Work sampling observations are taken on the basis of
  14. In which of the following layouts, the lines need to the balanced
  15. Process layout is also known as
  16. Which of the following are the principles of material handling?
  17. If A is the total items consumed per year, P is the procurement cost per order, and C is the annual…
  18. A critical activity has
  19. Critical path moves along the activities having total float of
  20. The main disadvantage of line organisation is
  21. F. W. Taylor introduced a system of organisation known as
  22. In jobbing production
  23. Gantt chart gives information about
  24. The disadvantage of product layout is
  25. Choose the wrong statement. Motion study is used for
  26. Fixed position layout is also known as
  27. Choose the wrong statement Time study is used to
  28. CPM is the
  29. For handling materials during manufacture of cement, a _________ is widely used.
  30. The probability distribution of activity times in PERT follows following distribution