State the day, on which we celebrate World Metrology Day every year?

A. 5/18/2017 12:00:00 AM

B. 5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM

C. 5/20/2017 12:00:00 AM

D. 5/21/2017 12:00:00 AM

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  1. Name the State in India, which has been to start country's first ornamental fish park?
  2. Name the organization, which has been inked with ISRO for fodder acreage estimation?
  3. Name the person, who has been got honorary Doctorate degree from Harvard University, recently?
  4. Name the author, who has been wrote the book Winning Like Virat Think and Succeed Like Khloe, recently?
  5. Name the satellite, which has been launched India for the Purpose of South Asian Countries?
  6. Name the senior NCP leader, who has been passed away after prolonged illness, recently?
  7. State the amount, which was grants for AP Power Project by AIIB, recently?
  8. Name the Indian Nature Activist, who has been won 2017 Whitley Award, recently?
  9. Name the Athlete, who has been broke the men's 400 m national record in Indian Grand Prix, recently?
  10. State the day, on which we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, every year?
  11. Name the person, who has been named as UN new Humanitarian Chief?
  12. Name the person who has been appointed as new ambassador to France, recently?
  13. Name the Space Agencies, which were to build Moon Village on the moon base?
  14. Name the iphone company, which has opened its first official store in Southeast Asia, recently?
  15. Name the Woman, who has been became first Indian woman to conquer Mt. Everest twice within 5 days?
  16. Name the person, who has been flagged off Delhi Metro Heritage Line, recently?
  17. Name the Indian Scientist, who has been won Dan David Prize 2017, recently?
  18. Name the second state in India, which has been announced Jan-Dec FY, recently?
  19. Name the Indian Boxer, who has been won the silver in Asian Boxing Championship, recently?
  20. State the day, on which we observed as Ganga Swachhata Sankalp Divas, recently?
  21. Name the place, in which the 70th World Health Assembly Opened on 22 May 2017?
  22. Name the Indian fencer, who has been won gold in International Fencing Tournament, recently?
  23. Name the first city in the World which has its own Microsoft Font, recently?
  24. Name the state, in which India's first Private sector small arms manufacturing Plant inaugurated, recently?
  25. Name the place in India, in which ICT4D conference was held recently?
  26. Name the Indian Air Marshal, who has been appointed as Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff?
  27. Name the Union Minister, who has been flagged off Slum Yuva Daud in New Delhi, recently?
  28. State the amount which was announced by India assistance to Mauritius, recently?
  29. Name the person, who has been laid the foundation stone for IARI at Gogamukh, Assam?
  30. Name the country, which was the second largest steel producer in the World by ISSF?