State the day, on which we Observe National Dengue Day every year?

A. 13th May

B. 14th May

C. 15th May

D. 16th May

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  1. Name the Space Agencies, which were to build Moon Village on the moon base?
  2. Name the Organization, which has been banned open defection, waste dumping on Yamuna Flood Plains?
  3. Name the person, who has been appointed as ICSSR Chief, recently?
  4. Name the Former Puducherry Chief Minister who has been passed away, recently?
  5. Name the person, who has been appointed as Prime Minister of France, recently?
  6. Name the former Greece Prime Minister, who has been died at 98, recently?
  7. Name the Veteran Telugu Film Maker, who has been died 30 May, 2017?
  8. Name the place in Chhattisgarh, to which the CRPF Command Shifted from Kolkata to it?
  9. Name the Union Minister, who has been flagged off Slum Yuva Daud in New Delhi, recently?
  10. Name the Punjab former DGP, who has been named as Punjab Super Cor, recently Died?
  11. Name the place, in which last dinosaur species discovered recently?
  12. Name the Indian - American student, who has been won National Geographic Bee Contest, recently?
  13. Name the place in which the 70th World Health Assembly was held, recently?
  14. Name the organization, which has been launched Express Wi-Fi in India, recently?
  15. Name the CM, who has been unveiled Logo and mascot by Asian Athletics Championships in Odisha State?
  16. Name the person, who has been presented, presidential Awards for classical Tamil, recently?
  17. State the day, on which we celebrate every year International Nurses Day?
  18. What is the Prize money of Winners in the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2017?
  19. Name the Indian film, which has been become first Indian movie to cross Rs.1000 cr at box office, recently?
  20. Name the person, who has been elected as President of UN-Habitat, recently?
  21. Name the American humorist, who has been won Mark Twain Prize 2017, recently?
  22. Name the senior Journalist, who has been appointed as Ambassador to Swachh Andhra Mission, recently?
  23. Name the new missile test, which was test fired by North Korea on 15 May, 2017?
  24. Name the person who has been appointed as new Chancellor to Jawaharlal Nehru University, recently?
  25. Which portal was launched the government of India for online document verification, recently?
  26. Which state police, have been began No Helmet No Petrol drive, recently?
  27. Name the person, who has been laid the foundation stone for IARI at Gogamukh, Assam?
  28. State the Day, on which we celebrate World Turtle Day every year?
  29. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched e-krishi Samvad portal, recently?
  30. Name veteran Bollywood actress, who had been passed away on 18 May 2017?