State the position India in the World Press Freedom Index, which was released recently?

A. 135th

B. 136th

C. 137th

D. 138th

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  1. Name the Hindustani, classical vocalist, who has been passed away 3rd April 2017?
  2. Name the sea, in which in Indo-French Naval Exercise begun, recently?
  3. State the day, on which we celebrate every year The World Malaria Day?
  4. Name the person, who has been received 6th M.S. Swaminathan Award, recently?
  5. Name the place, in which NBA launches International Basketball Schools Net work opened?
  6. Name the educational Institution, which has been ranked best by HRD Ministry, recently?
  7. Name the app, which was for empowering citizens by real time information sharing on power supply?
  8. Name the State Govt, which has been to give pension to Circus artistes, recently?
  9. Name the Indian, who has been named in the Time Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2017?
  10. State the city, in which India's first ever micro-drama festival held?
  11. Name the person, who has been built World's First Museum of Polar Lands, recently?
  12. Name the personalities, who will be get Dinanath Mangeshkar Award on April 24, 2017?
  13. State the India's position, in which travel and tourism sector across the World
  14. Name the country, which has been joined recently 7th member of SASEC?
  15. Name the State Govt, which has been to introduce Ammaku Vandanam in Schools?
  16. Name the operation, which has been launched Income Tax Department, recently?
  17. Name the playback singer, who has been got Ghantasala National Award, recently?
  18. Name the Indian Woman, who has been elected member of IOC's Olympic Channel Commission recently?
  19. Name the former Jammu & Kashmir governor died, recently?
  20. Name the place, in which colours of Northern & Southern states of India hold, recently?
  21. Name the person, who been awarded death sentence by Pakistan Military Court, recently?
  22. Name the Malayalam Writer, who has been conferred 2016 Sahitya Academy Award, recently?
  23. Name the place of New Zealand, on which NASA launched a super pressure balloon recently?
  24. Name the country, which has been renamed six places in Arunachal Pradesh, recently?
  25. What is the name of the North Korea's founder?
  26. Name the person, who has bee decorated with Shayurya Chakra, recently?
  27. State the day, on which the World Day for Safety and Health was observed every year?
  28. Name the Tiger Reserve, which has become first in India get official mascot?
  29. Name the tennis (duo) Players, who have won the Monte Carlo Masters Doubles Title 2017, recently?
  30. State the place of India in the World's military spenders list (SIPRI), recently