State the week, which was observed globally World Immunization week, 2017?

A. April 23 to April 29

B. April 22 to April 28

C. April 24 to April 30

D. April 25 to May 1

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  1. Name the patrol team, which has been planned to check pollution in Holy Ganga River?
  2. Name the Malayalam Writer, who has been conferred 2016 Sahitya Academy Award, recently?
  3. What is the name of the North Korea's founder?
  4. Name the person, who has been named Asian Business Woman of the Year, recently?
  5. Name the State, which has been set up anti land mafia task force recently?
  6. State the day, on which we celebrate International Day of sport for Development and Peace?
  7. Name the Indian girl, who has been won Miss Teen Universe 2017, recently?
  8. Name the former Iranian President, who has been disqualified from running elections in next month?
  9. Name the place, in which Northeast India's Largest IT Hub opened, recently?
  10. Name the country, which has been signed 7 agreements with India, recently?
  11. Name the Bollywood film, which has been honored with best film in Hong Kong International Film Festival,…
  12. Center recently launched a training programme for whose sake it has been launched?
  13. Name the place, in which NBA launches International Basketball Schools Net work opened?
  14. Name the former Indian captain, who has been appointed as the CEO of Gulf Oil India for a day?
  15. Name the city, in which CISCO launches its 5 th Global Range Lab, recently?
  16. State the day, on which the World Day for Safety and Health was observed every year?
  17. Name the app, which was for empowering citizens by real time information sharing on power supply?
  18. Name the Cricket Player, who has been named 10,000 runs club in T 20 s, recently?
  19. Name the country, which has been joined recently 7th member of SASEC?
  20. Name the former Bichar Minister, who has been passed away, when he was 100?
  21. Name the tower, which has been World's 5th tallest building, opens in Seoul, recently?
  22. Name the Indian Environmental Engineer who has been won Cartier Women's Initiative Award, recently?
  23. Name the Union Minister, who will to be inaugurate National Children's Film Festival?
  24. Name the country, which has been signed on sports partnership with India, recently?
  25. Name the Malaysian PM, who has been visited India recently?
  26. Name the NASA Astronaut, who has been set a new space walk record, recently?
  27. State the day, on which the World Autism Awareness Day Observed every year?
  28. Name the country, which has to host BRICs film festival held in June month?
  29. What was the Puraskar, the best performing Panchayats are conferred by Union Ministry of Panchayati…
  30. Name the Indian Player, who has won the historic Asian Squash Singles Title?