In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

Statistics __________ always my worst subject.

A. are

B. were

C. is

D. have

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  1. A controversial issue was_____ by a member of the Opposition in the Assembly, but there was no time…
  2. Ravi was always_______ of the good fortune of others.
  3. The official____ the Chief Minister of the situation in the town.
  4. Skeptics would not ___________ that the earth actually moves, let alone that it ___________ around the…
  5. The Chairman will come here at 5 p.m. to_____ a lecture.
  6. If you were found guilty of exceeding the speed limit, you ______ to pay a fine.
  7. Brands __________ decision-simplicity strategies make full use of available information to __________…
  8. When she retired, she handed __________ the charge to the Vice-President.
  9. The valley is known for its ________ growth of vegetation.
  10. It will take some time for many South koreans to ___________ the conflicting images of North Korea,…
  11. When you want to digitalise a city __________ with millions, you dont bet __________ the odds.
  12. I had not expected to meet him; it was quite an ______ meeting.
  13. That charming girl was the ____ of all eyes.
  14. Despite his _____ he had to suffer.
  15. Nabeesa was not_____ by the criticism and paid no_____ even when her best friend talked against her.
  16. Is not learning superior ____ wealth ?
  17. They were _________ to vacate that house as _________ as possible.
  18. The numbers __________ by the legitimate online music service providers indicate that a growing number…
  19. A great literary or artistic work is known as______.
  20. The high cutoff marks this year have ___ college admission-seekers to either ___ for lesser known colleges…
  21. I. In todays world parents usually .......... that their children do not talk to them as they are more…
  22. His residence is on the______ of Hyderabad.
  23. The varsitys poll process for ___________ of new candidates has ___________ poor response with only…
  24. There was a major accident. The plane crashed. The pilot _________ did not see the tower.
  25. We attended a ________ discourse.
  26. The numbers __________ by the legitimate online music service providers indicate that a growing number…
  27. Although there is ______________ gunfire, there is no stiff resistance to the revolutionary army.
  28. As navigators, calendar makers, and other _________ of the night sky accumulated evidence to the contrary,…
  29. You have no business to _________ pain on a weak and poor person.
  30. Serious threat to our ecology and environment can be ______ with organic cultivation.