Sunda Trench is in?

A. Indian Ocean

B. Pacific Ocean

C. Atlantic Ocean

D. Gulf of Mexico

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  1. Sensex is the Sensitive Index of
  2. Which of the following is not the capital of a state ?
  3. Which of the following is a method of irrigation used in many countries ?
  4. National Youth day is observed on _____?
  5. In which year Bharat Ratna was instituted?
  6. Which of the following statements is correct?
  7. Which cup/trophy is associated with the game of cricket ?
  8. Who among the following is the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Union Cabinet at present ?
  9. Which angiosperm is vesselless?
  10. Which of the following statements is correct?
  11. Who among the following is all set to become India's first transgender college principal?
  12. Which of the following is not the name of a game played at international level ?
  13. Likud Party is a political organization in?
  14. Kolkata-born writer Neel Mukherjee recently won the UK's Encore Award for his novel?
  15. The first woman President of Indian National congress was?
  16. What does the letter A denote in the term VAT, the name of a tax levied by the Govt. of India ?
  17. Name the documentary based on music maestro AR Rahman's life which was screened at the White House recently?
  18. Which vein brings clean blood from the lungs into the heart?
  19. Who is a famous author of Indian origin and writes in English ?
  20. Which of the following terms is used in the field of Economics ?
  21. Cactus is referred to as
  22. Which country recently celebrated its Republic Day on 2 June 2015?
  23. Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy is the present President of
  24. Who was the first child born after operative procedure?
  25. Who is the President of USA at present ?
  26. Meena Hemchandra was recently appointed as the executive director of?
  27. Who among the following is the winner of Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 2011 ?
  28. Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar was recently crowned as the new Maharaja of?
  29. LPG stands for :
  30. Which of the following is not a member of BRICS ?