Superheating in a refrigeration cycle

A. Increases C.O.P

B. Decreases C.O.P

C. C.O.P remains unaltered

D. Other factors decide C.O.P

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  1. As relative humidity decreases, the dew point temperature will be ________ wet bulb temperature.
  2. Which of the following is not a desirable property of a refrigerant?
  3. A Bell Coleman refrigerator working on dense air system as compared to open air system, for the same…
  4. The index which correlates the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity and air velocity…
  5. A bootstrap air cooling system has
  6. During heating and humidification, the final relative humidity of air
  7. A refrigeration cycle operates between condenser temperature of + 27°C and evaporator temperature…
  8. It is desired to condition the outside air from 70% relative humidity and 45° C dry bulb temperature…
  9. In case of sensible heating of air, the coil efficiency is given by (where B.P.F. = Bypass factor)
  10. One of the purposes of sub cooling the liquid refrigerant is to
  11. One ton of the refrigeration is
  12. An important characteristic of absorption system of refrigeration is
  13. In refrigerators, the temperature difference between the evaporating refrigerant and the medium being…
  14. Presence of moisture in a refrigerant affects the working of
  15. During heating and dehumidification process, dry bulb temperature
  16. The relative coefficient of performance is
  17. The evaporator used in household refrigerators is
  18. The reciprocating refrigerant compressors are very suitable for
  19. The COP of a domestic refrigerator
  20. The temperature of air recorded by a thermometer, when it is not affected by the moisture present in…
  21. In vapour compression cycle using NH₃ as refrigerant, initial charge is filled at
  22. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest boiling point?
  23. The thermal diffusivity for gases is generally __________ those for liquids.
  24. The C.O.P. of a heat pump working on a reversed Carnot cycle is
  25. The temperature of air recorded by a thermometer, when its bulb is surrounded by a wet cloth exposed…
  26. During dehumidification process, __________ remains constant.
  27. Which of the following statement is correct?
  28. For unsaturated air, the dew point temperature is __________ wet bulb temperature.
  29. Short horizontal lines on pressure-enthalpy chart show
  30. A refrigerant compressor is used to