Superheating of steam is done at

A. Constant volume

B. Constant temperature

C. Constant pressure

D. Constant entropy

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  1. When the total heat of steam is h kJ/kg and the sensible heat of feed water is hf1 kJ/kg, then the factor…
  2. The number of water level indicators in a boiler are generally _________ in number.
  3. Besides mean effective pressure, the data required to determine the indicated power of an engine include
  4. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  5. The pressure of steam in the engine cylinder at the beginning of the stroke is ________ the boiler pressure.
  6. The length of Cornish boiler varies from
  7. In forced recirculation type boiler,
  8. Which of the following is a fire tube boiler?
  9. For water, at pressures below atmospheric;
  10. For the same diameter and thickness of tube, a water tube boiler compared to a fire tube boiler has
  11. The friction present between the steam and the nozzle surfaces reduces the heat drop by
  12. The number of flue tubes in Lancashire boiler is
  13. The three Ts for good combustion are
  14. The cylinder condensation or missing quantity may be reduced by
  15. Adiabatic process is
  16. The function of a valve rod is
  17. Size of boiler tubes is specified by
  18. The high steam and low water safety valve is not used in
  19. In a nozzle, whole frictional loss is assumed to occur between
  20. The heat balance sheet for the boiler shows the
  21. Pick up the wrong statement about critical condition of steam
  22. The condition of steam in boiler drum is always
  23. For the same length of stroke and speed of crankshaft, the piston speed for a double acting steam engine…
  24. Which of the following statement is correct?
  25. In an ideal impulse turbine, the
  26. Thermal efficiency of a thermal power plant is of the order of
  27. The latent heat of steam at pressures greater than atmospheric in comparison to latent heat at atmospheric…
  28. In a nozzle, the effect of super-saturation is to
  29. Hygrometry deals with the
  30. The diameter of Cornish boiler varies from