Supply of commodity is a:

A. A stock concept

B. A flow concept

C. Both stock and flow

D. None of the above

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  1. Supply of commodity is a:
  2. In case of budget line, we get pairs of two goods where consumers income is:
  3. Microeconomics deals with the:
  4. The price consumption curve (PCC) for commodity X is the locus of points of consumer equilibrium resulting…
  5. In perfect competition, the slope of the total revenue curve of a firm is equal to the:
  6. Variable costs refer to:
  7. If regardless of changes in its price, the quantity demanded of a commodity remains unchanged, then…
  8. Substitution effect means a consumer
  9. Price elasticity of demand is best defines as:
  10. If under perfect competition, in the short period, price does not cover the average cost completely,…
  11. We can obtain consumers demand curve from:
  12. If production increases under increasing returns to scale, the cost will:
  13. Cardinal approach includes arranging:
  14. There is no difference between fixed and variable factors in the:
  15. Extension (expansion) of demand means:
  16. Total fixed costs are:
  17. Efficient allocation of resources is achieved to a greater extent under:
  18. When the slope of a demand curve is zero (also known as vertical demand curve) then elasticity will…
  19. In monopolistic competition, the firm compete on the basis of:
  20. The horizontal demand curve for a commodity shows that its demand is:
  21. Plumbing and pipe-fitting require many of the same skills. If the wage paid to pipe-fitters increased…
  22. Price effect occurs on the higher IC in case of:
  23. An inferior good/ commodity is inferior for:
  24. For the equilibrium of the firm and the industry in the short period in a competitive market, the condition…
  25. A market-clearing price:
  26. Quantity demanded or supplied is measured in:
  27. Which of the following is assumed to be constant when drawing a demand curve?
  28. Which describes a competitive market?
  29. In case of short-run, the supply curve of an industry is the horizontal summation of:
  30. Technological efficiency: