Swabia Jura region, world's oldest art were added to the World Heritage List by the UNESCO. Where is Swabia Jura region located?

A. Syria

B. Iraq

C. Germany

D. Israel

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  1. Who has been appointed as Chief Digital Officer of Tata Sons?
  2. According to recently released FIFA World rankings India stands in which place?
  3. Recently Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma has launched LIFE program. In LIFE, 'E' stands for?
  4. In which state DIPP to set up India' s first Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC)?
  5. To which state China based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved USD 329 million…
  6. To eliminate which infectious disease Union Health Minister launches National Strategic Plan?
  7. During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with which country India signed 7 agreements on different…
  8. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the chief of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) belongs to which country?
  9. The United States House of Representatives has passed an amendment to NDAA, 2018, a $621.5 billion defence…
  10. Which state has became India's first state to fix minimum educational qualification for cooperative…
  11. Who is the present governor of Madhya Pradesh?
  12. Who is newly appointed head coach of the Indian cricket team?
  13. Which country approves physical education program at girl's schools starting in the coming academic…
  14. Who headed the GST Council?
  15. Asian Athletics Championship 2017 was held in which state?
  16. President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the 'Ashiana Annexe' in which state?
  17. WHO goodwill ambassador for autism in South Asia, Saima Wazed Hossain belongs to which country?
  18. Traditional buffalo race 'Kambala' belongs to which state?
  19. Union Minister of State Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Mr. Rajiv Pratap Rudy belongs to which…
  20. As per Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) Financial Stability Report 2017 what is the growth rate in the…
  21. Which colour Sari of Mother Teresa has been recognized as an Intellectual Property of the Missionaries…
  22. Which state govt is planning "stray dog zoos" to keep them off the streets in the state?
  23. The student scientist connect program "Jigyasa" has officially launched in which city?
  24. Who is the current Food Processing Minister?
  25. As a chairman of Tata Global Beverages Ltd (TGBL) Natarajan Chandrasekaran will succeed whom?
  26. On which country Indian team led by Pankaj Advani won Asian Snooker Championship?
  27. Which country successfully test fires 'Nasr', a short-range ballistic missile?
  28. Since 2012 Google has been the most aggressive buyer in this space with how many acquisitions?
  29. Which telescope spots two dozen groups of newborn stars?
  30. In which year Fino Paytech was founded?