Taskbar is used for

A. Navigation program

B. Start a program

C. Switching between program

D. All of above

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  1. Underlined text, such as text and folder names is referred to as
  2. Which of the following is not essential to shut down your computer?
  3. A process is ____________________
  4. IDL stands for_____________________
  5. An operating system version designed for use with a media center PC is Microsoft Windows XP
  6. Recently deleted files are stored in
  7. The usual su command syntax is
  8. What is the function of radio button?
  9. The Network Time Protocol is similar to _______________algorithm in that synchronization is also performed…
  10. What is dispatch latency?
  11. Because the I/O devices are not synchronized with the CPU, some information must be exchanged between…
  12. __ is the program run on a computer when the computer boots up
  13. Transparent RPC mechanism refers to :
  14. A process is already split into pieces, called________________.
  15. In ____________ location policies a random node is polled to check its state and the task is transferred…
  16. Load balancing algorithms in ______________ class use the processor and process characteristics to allocate…
  17. Find out the characteristics of System-oriented names:
  18. _______________occurs when two or more execution flows are able to run simultaneously.
  19. Two clocks are said to be synchronized at a particular instance of time if the difference in time values…
  20. The Basic Input Output System (BIOS) resides in
  21. The ______________ unpacks the call receipt messages from local RPC Runtime and makes a perfect local…
  22. The Bankers algorithm is used
  23. A process control block contains varies attributes required by _____________ to control a process.
  24. ______________approach simplifies debugging and system verification.
  25. ______________is a mechanism the prevents two or more processes from accessing a shared resource simultaneously.
  26. Pick the wrong statement from the following.
  27. Process migration involves__________________
  28. SRM stands for
  29. Bootstrapping is also known as ______
  30. Which of the following is suitable after you install new drivers?