Taxonomic hierarchy refers to

A. step-wise arrangement of all categories for classification of plants and animals.

B. a group of senior taxonomists who decide the nomenclature of plants and animals.

C. a list of botanists or zoologists who have worked on taxonomy of a species or group.

D. classification of a species based on fossil record.

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  4. The famous botanical garden Kew is located in
  5. Systematics refers to the
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  9. The order generally ends with
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  11. The fungi, the filamentous algae, the protonema of mosses, all easily multiply by _____.
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  14. If an organism is in the same class but not in the same family then it may belong to same
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  24. Herbarium is a
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  27. Couplet represents the choice made between two opposite options which results in
  28. The most important feature of all living systems is to
  29. Two animals which are the members of the same order must also be the members of the same __________.
  30. Which of the following taxonomic aid provides information for the identification of names of species…