Templates are used for

A. A planning layout

B. Flow of material

C. Advancing a programme in automatic machines

D. Copying complicated profiles

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  1. PERT/CPM, techniques can be used for following applications
  2. The aim of value engineering is to
  3. Inventory control in production, planning and control aims at
  4. For a small scale industry, the fixed cost per month is Rs. 5000. The variable cost per product is Rs.…
  5. A systematic job improvement sequence will consist of
  6. The factors which are to be considered while developing a good wage incentive plan will include
  7. The probability distribution of activity times in PERT follows following distribution
  8. In a functional organisation
  9. Critical path on PERT/CPM chart is obtained by joining the events having
  10. A dummy activity in a net work diagram
  11. Break-even analysis shows profit when
  12. Work study is done with the help of
  13. An activity of the project is graphically represented by ________ on the network diagram.
  14. A low unit cost can be obtained by following
  15. If A is the total items consumed per year, P is the procurement cost per order, and C is the annual…
  16. The type of organisation preferred for an automobile industry, is
  17. Gantt chart is used for
  18. Standard time is defined as
  19. Work sampling is applied for
  20. Earliest finish time can be regarded as
  21. Father of industrial engineering is
  22. The allowed time for a job equals standard time plus
  23. Break-even analysis consists of
  24. Which of the following organisations is best suited for steel plants
  25. The critical activity has
  26. The disadvantage of product layout is
  27. Performance rating is equal to
  28. Breakeven analysis is a
  29. Critical Path Net Work helps an engineer
  30. Statistical quality control techniques are based on the theory of