Tendons and ligaments are the examples of

A. areolar connective tissue

B. adipose tissue

C. dense regular connective tissue

D. loose connective tissue

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  1. Compound squamous epithelium is found in
  2. The fibres of which of the following muscles are fusiform and do not show striations
  3. Which of the following types of connective tissue is mismatched with its matrix ?
  4. Which of the following statement is correct regarding Female reproductive system of earthworm ?
  5. Tendons and ligaments are the examples of
  6. The frog never drinks water but absorbs it through one of its respiratory organ. Identify the organ.
  7. In cockroach head can move in all directions due to
  8. The blood of cockroach contains no respiratory pigment. It means that
  9. Neuroglia are
  10. Select the correct statement regarding Periplaneta americana
  11. Three essential components of most neurons are
  12. The mouth parts of cockroach are
  13. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct regarding compound epithelium ?
  14. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about muscle tissue ?
  15. Mast cells are associated with
  16. The given figure shows open circulatory system of cockroach with structure marked as A, B and C. Which…
  17. Consider the following statements regarding cockroach and mark the correct option.Head is formed by…
  18. Which of the following is involved in the production of new blood cells ?
  19. Which of the following type of tissue is being described by the given statements ?They are named because…
  20. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about nervous system of cockroach ?It consists of…
  21. What external changes are visible after the last moult of a cockroach nymph?
  22. Which of the follwing statement(s) is/are correct ?Cockroaches are brown or black bodied animals that…
  23. Smooth muscles are______.
  24. Refer the given figure of female reproductive system of cockroach and identify the correct labels (marked…
  25. Identify the figure with its correct function Fig :. Adipose connective tissue
  26. The kind of epithelium which forms the inner walls of blood vessels is
  27. Epithelial tissue is distinguished from connective tissue, muscular, or nervous tissue by its
  28. Match the terms given in column-I with their feature given in column-II and choose the correct option.Column-IColumn-II(Terms)(Features)A.…
  29. Which of the following statements is not correct regarding neural tissue ?
  30. Non-ciliated simple columnar epithelium often contains _______, which increase the surface area for…