The 38th Summit of G-8 is being organised in which of the following countries in May 2012?

A. Canada

B. Germany

C. China


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  1. Which of the following is the capital of Manipur ?
  2. In which year Bharat Ratna was instituted?
  3. Which of the following is not the name of a country ?
  4. Which of the following is a Horticulture product ?
  5. Which of the following is not a noble gas?
  6. Bhangra is very famous in this state-
  7. Which of the following terms is associated with the game of cricket ?
  8. Which club recently won record 4th Europa League trophy?
  9. The Kheda Sathyagraha of Gandhiji was in?
  10. Which is not a member of OPEC ?
  11. Which of the following days is observed as World Population Day every year?
  12. Indias first green police station was inaugurated on the occasion of World Environment Day 2015 at?
  13. Which of the following organisations prepares topographical maps of India?
  14. Which country recently celebrated its Republic Day on 2 June 2015?
  15. International Nurses Day was observed across the world on?
  16. Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy is the present President of
  17. Which state government recently launched Swachhata Saptapadi scheme in line with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?
  18. Which of the following statements is correct?
  19. When the expenditure of the government exceeds the revenue, the difference of balance between the two…
  20. Which of the following is an organic rock?
  21. How many neck canal cells are found in the archegonium of a fern?
  22. Mauritius recently designated Ameenah Gurib-Fakim as its first woman president. Mauritius is a country…
  23. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim was on 5 June 2015 sworn in as the first woman president of which country?
  24. Which of the following resources is renewable one?
  25. Alastair Cook has recently surpassed whose record to become England's leading Test run scorer?
  26. Who has recently won the Monaco Grand Prix Formula One (F1) World Championship title?
  27. Who was recently appointed as the next Cabinet secretary of the Union government?
  28. Which of the following statements is correct?
  29. Supreme Court has recently restricted the use of photographs of political leaders and government functionaries…
  30. Who recently won the CEAT Indian Cricketer of the Year award?