The absolute zero temperature is taken as

A. -273°C

B. 73°C

C. 237°C

D. -237°C

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  1. The relation between Young's modulus (E), shear modulus (C) and bulk modulus (K) is given by
  2. The ratio of maximum shear stress developed in a rectangular beam and a circular beam of the same cross-sectional…
  3. One kg of carbon produces __________ kg of carbon dioxide.
  4. A cycle consisting of two adiabatic and two constant pressure processes is known as
  5. Mond gas is obtained by
  6. During which of the following process does heat rejection takes place in Carnot cycle?
  7. The entropy __________ in an irreversible cyclic process.
  8. Which of the following statement is correct?
  9. If the rivets in adjacent rows are staggered and the outermost row has only one rivets, the arrangement…
  10. One reversible heat engine operates between 1600 K and T2 K and another reversible heat engine operates…
  11. When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum compressive stress is developed on the
  12. The heat and mechanical energies are mutually convertible. This statement was established by
  13. The ultimate analysis of coal consists of the determination of the percentage of
  14. A tri-atomic molecule consists of __________ atoms.
  15. Hooke's law holds good up to
  16. In the below figure, curve D represents_________.
  17. In a reversible adiabatic process, the ratio of T1/T2 is equal to
  18. All perfect gases change in volume by 1/273th of its original volume at 0°C for every 1°C change…
  19. The pull required to tear off the plate per pitch length is (where p = Pitch of rivets, t = Thickness…
  20. For a beam, as shown in the below figure, when the load W is applied in the centre of the beam, the…
  21. The change in the unit volume of a material under tension with increase in its Poisson's ratio will
  22. If the radius of wire stretched by a load is doubled, then its Youngs modulus will be
  23. The most probable velocity of the gas molecules is given by
  24. If the slenderness ratio for a column is 100, then it is said to be a _________ column.
  25. The hard coke is obtained when carbonisation of coal is carried out at
  26. The main cause for the irreversibility is
  27. The ratio of lateral strain to the linear strain within elastic limit is known as
  28. The bending equation is
  29. Which of the following is the correct statement?
  30. If a part is constrained to move and heated, it will develop