The air cooling system mostly used in transport type aircrafts is

A. Simple air cooling system

B. Simple evaporative air cooling system

C. Bootstrap air cooling system

D. All of these

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  1. The bypass factor (B. P. F.) in case of sensible heating of air is (Where td₁ = Dry bulb temperature…
  2. The refrigeration effect in a dry evaporator compared to flooded evaporator in a similar plant is
  3. In a psychrometric chart, specific humidity (moisture content) lines are
  4. A mixture of dry air and water vapour, when the air has diffused the maximum amount of water vapour…
  5. Domestic refrigerator working on vapour compression cycle uses the following type of expansion device
  6. During a refrigeration cycle, heat is rejected by the refrigerant in a
  7. The comfort conditions in air conditioning are at (where DBT = Dry bulb temperature, and RH = Relative…
  8. Which of the following statement is correct?
  9. The atmospheric air at dry bulb temperature of 15°C enters a heating coil maintained at 40°C.…
  10. During sensible heating of air _________ decreases.
  11. The wet bulb depression is zero when relative humidity is
  12. The coefficient of performance of a domestic refrigerator is ________ as compared to a domestic air-conditioner.
  13. An infinite parallel planes with emissivities e₁ and e₂, the interchange factor for radiation…
  14. During cooling and dehumidification, dry bulb temperature
  15. The boiling point of ________ is 10.5°C.
  16. The boiling point of ammonia is
  17. The dry bulb temperature lines, on the psychrometric chart are
  18. In case of sensible cooling of air, the coil efficiency is given by
  19. Condensing temperature in a refrigerator is the temperature
  20. The desirable property of a refrigerant is
  21. The C.O.P of a refrigeration cycle with increase in evaporator temperature, keeping condenser temperature…
  22. In order to cool and dehumidify a stream of moist air, it must be passed over the coil at a temperature
  23. In a vapour absorption refrigeration system, the compressor of the vapour compression system is replaced…
  24. In Electrolux refrigerator
  25. The temperature of ammonia after compression in a vapour compression system is
  26. In refrigerators, the temperature difference between the evaporating refrigerant and the medium being…
  27. In larger industrial and commercial reciprocating compression systems, refrigerant widely used is
  28. The power per tonne of refrigeration is
  29. A bootstrap air cooling system has
  30. Carbon dioxide is