The air power of the compressor is also known as

A. Indicated power

B. Brake power

C. Frictional power

D. None of these

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  1. During peak load periods, the best method of controlling compressors is
  2. In a jet propulsion
  3. For a two stage compressor, if index of compression for higher stage is greater than index of compression…
  4. Inter-cooling in gas turbine results in
  5. In open cycle turbojet engines used in military aircraft, reheating the exhaust gas from the turbine…
  6. The area of actual indicator diagram on an air compressor as compared to area of ideal indicator diagram…
  7. The thermal efficiency of a simple gas turbine for a given turbine inlet temperature with increase in…
  8. The efficiency of jet engine is
  9. The compressor performance at higher altitude compared to sea level will be
  10. The intercooler pressure, for minimum work required, for a two stage reciprocating air compressor, is…
  11. The gas in cooling chamber of a closed cycle gas turbine is cooled at
  12. For minimum work in multistage compression, assuming same index of compression in all stages
  13. Isothermal compression though most efficient, but is not practicable because
  14. For maximum work, the reheating should be done to an intermediate pressure of (Where p₁ = Maximum…
  15. Compression efficiency is compared against
  16. Standard air is the air at ________ and relative humidity of 36 percent.
  17. In a jet engine, the air-fuel ratio is
  18. Which is false statement about advantages of multistage compressor in comparison to single stage compressor?
  19. The ratio of the volume of free air delivery per stroke to the swept volume of the piston, is known…
  20. To avoid moisture troubles, the compressed air main line should
  21. The compressed air may be used
  22. Euler's equation can be used for
  23. Reheating in a gas turbine
  24. Euler's equation is applicable for
  25. For a two stage reciprocating compressor, compression from p₁ to p₃ is with perfect intercooling…
  26. When air is to be compressed at a high pressure, then it is advantageous to use
  27. The degree of reaction of an axial flow turbine is the ratio of isentropic temperature drop in a blade…
  28. After-cooler is used to
  29. Pick up the correct statement
  30. Open cycle gas turbine works on