The allowed time for a job equals standard time plus

A. Policy allowance

B. Interference allowance

C. Process allowance

D. Learning allowance

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  1. The disadvantage of product layout is
  2. Which of the following statement is correct?
  3. When slack of an activity is positive
  4. In the Emerson efficiency plan, a worker receives only his daily wage and no bonus is paid till his…
  5. Dispatching
  6. In Emerson's efficiency plan of wage incentive system, bonus is paid to a worker
  7. Work study is most useful
  8. Time study is carried out
  9. PERT/CPM, techniques can be used for following applications
  10. Material handling and plant location is analysed by
  11. The type of organisation preferred for a steel industry, is
  12. The chart which gives an estimate about the amount of materials handling between various work stations…
  13. The term 'value' in value engineering refers to
  14. A critical activity has
  15. Discrepancies of bar chart techniques are
  16. The interchangeability can be achieved by
  17. A low unit cost can be obtained by following
  18. In steel plant the most important system for materials handling is
  19. The reasons which are basically responsible for the formation of a queue should be that
  20. The wastage of material in the store is taken into account by the following method in the evaluation…
  21. Acceptance sampling is widely used in
  22. CPM is
  23. Direct expenses include
  24. Pick up the correct statement. Dummy activity on a PERT/CPM chart means, it
  25. In inventory control, the economic order quantity is the
  26. Work study is mainly aimed at
  27. The production cost per unit can be reduced by
  28. CPM requires
  29. Which of the following layouts is suited to job production?
  30. If a worker gets a daily wage of Rs HA, then according to Rowan plan, his maximum daily earnings can…