The average cutting speed for turning mild steel with a high speed steel tool is

A. 15 to 19 m/min

B. 25 to 31 m/min

C. 60 to 90 m/min

D. 90 to 120 m/min

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  1. Tool life is generally better when
  2. In electro discharge machining, tool is made of
  3. The work or surface speed for cylindrical grinding varies from
  4. The lathe spindles are usually made hollow and provided with
  5. Crater wear is predominant in
  6. In a plain milling cutter, the chip space between the back of one tooth and the face of the next tooth…
  7. The rake angle required to machine brass by high speed steel tool is
  8. The tool life in case of a grinding wheel is the time
  9. In the relation VTn = C, the value of n for carbide tools is
  10. The cutting force in punching and blanking operations mainly depends on
  11. The lead screw of a lathe has _________ threads.
  12. In plunge grinding
  13. The in-feed grinding is used to
  14. Crack in grinding wheel is developed due to
  15. The parameter which completely defines the chip formation in a metal cutting process is
  16. Gear burnishing is a process for
  17. Ultrasonic machining is best suited for
  18. A tool used to withdraw a drill from the sleeve is called
  19. Which of the following engineering materials is the most suitable candidate for hot chamber die casting?
  20. Match the items of List-I (Equipment) with the items of List-II (Process) and select the correct answer…
  21. Volume of a cube of side l and volume of a sphere of radius r are equal. Both the cube and the sphere…
  22. In down milling, the thickness of chip is
  23. When the shear angle is small
  24. For machining a cast iron workpiece by a high speed steel tool, the average cutting speed is
  25. The factor which affects the tool life is
  26. It is desired to perform the operations like drilling, reaming, counter-boring etc. on a work piece.…
  27. The facing is an operation of
  28. As the cutting speed increases, the tool cutting forces
  29. The main purpose of a boring operation, as compared to drilling, is to
  30. The machining of titanium is difficult due to