The bearings of medium series have capacity __________ over the light series.

A. 10 to 20 %

B. 20 to 30 %

C. 30 to 40 %

D. 40 to 50 %

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  1. Three different weights fall from a certain height under vacuum. They will take
  2. If a spring is cut down into two springs, the stiffness of cut springs will be
  3. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt may be increased by
  4. The pitch diameter is the __________ diameter of an external or internal screw thread.
  5. The ratio of driving tensions for flat belts, neglecting centrifugal tension, is (where T₁, and…
  6. The process extensively used for making bolts and nuts is
  7. If T₁ and T₂ are the tensions on the tight and slack sides of the belt respectively, and…
  8. A type of brake commonly used in motor cars is a
  9. Wahl's stress factor __________ very rapidly as the spring index decreases.
  10. A connecting rod should be
  11. Which of the following spring is used in mechanical wrist watch?
  12. When the speed of belt increases,
  13. In levers, leverage is the ratio of
  14. The effective stress in wire ropes during normal working is equal to the stress due to
  15. A localised compressive stress at the area of contact between two members is known as
  16. According to Indian standards, total numbers of fundamental deviations are
  17. The cross-section of the arm of a bell crank lever is
  18. A sliding bearing which operates without any lubricant present, is called
  19. The suitable material for belt in agricultural machinery is
  20. In cross or regular lay ropes
  21. According to I.B.R., the factor of safety of riveted joint should not be less than
  22. Resilience of a material is important, when it is subjected to
  23. The plasticity is the property of a material which enables it to
  24. In order to permit the thermal expansion/contraction of tubing, it should be
  25. A key made from a cylindrical disc having segmental cross-section, is known as
  26. A tapered key which fits in a key-way in the hub and is flat on the shaft, is known as
  27. The following type of nut is used with alien bolt
  28. A tap bolt
  29. Screws used for power transmission should have
  30. Surface endurance limit of gear material is dependent upon its