The Bifilar suspension method is used to determine

A. Natural frequency of vibration

B. Position of balancing weights

C. Moment of inertia

D. Centripetal acceleration

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  1. A disc is a spinning with an angular velocity ω rad/s about the axis of spin. The couple applied…
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  4. The mechanism forms a structure, when the number of degrees of freedom (n) is equal to
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  7. The Coriolis component of acceleration acts
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  9. The coriolis component of acceleration leads the sliding velocity by
  10. The power of a Porter governor is equal to
  11. When two links are connected by a pin joint, their instantaneous centre lies
  12. The example of higher pair is
  13. The primary unbalanced force is maximum _________ in one revolution of the crank.
  14. Torsional vibrations are said to occur when the particles of a body moves
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  20. Which of the following would constitute a link?
  21. The centrifugal tension in belts
  22. The velocity of the rubbing surface __________ with the distance from the axis of the bearing.
  23. Angle of ascent of cam is defined as the angle
  24. Which of the following statements regarding laws governing the friction between dry surfaces are correct?
  25. The cam and follower is an example of
  26. The axis of precession is __________ to the plane in which the axis of spin is going to rotate.
  27. In a drag link quick return mechanism, the shortest link is always fixed. The sum of the shortest and…
  28. The engine of an aeroplane rotates in clockwise direction when seen from the tail end and the aeroplane…
  29. In a mechanism, the fixed instantaneous centres are those centres which
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