The bile contains the pigments

A. haemoglobin and haemoerythrin

B. biliviridin and bilirubin

C. bilirubin and haemocyanin

D. haemoglobin and biliviridin

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  1. The pigment which is responsible for blood clotting is
  2. Cutting and layering are the methods of plant propagation usually referred to as
  3. Which one of the following is caused by the expression of a recessive gene present on sex chromosome?
  4. Infection of salivary glands by a virus leads to
  5. Metastasis' is the process by which
  6. Fibrinogen is present in
  7. The animal without urinary bladder is
  8. The part of the human brain concerned with sight is the
  9. The thrombocytes are associated with
  10. Which among the following is a balanced fertiliser for plants?
  11. The wall of the heart is made of programmed cell death is known as
  12. Kwashiorkor' is caused by deficiency of
  13. The cortex of human brain normally consists of
  14. Injection of insulin causes
  15. The blood without corpuscles is called
  16. The function of connective tissue is
  17. Niche' refers to
  18. The heart of the human embryo starts beating in the _____ week of its development.
  19. The pH of normal urine of man ranges from
  20. Cancer cells are more easily damaged by radiation than normal cells because they are
  21. What do you mean by the term fauna?
  22. The 'mad-cow disease' (Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease) is produced by certain
  23. The dreaded virus which, on reaching the central nervous system, produces spasms of the muscles of the…
  24. Which of the following cell organelles play the most significant role in protein synthesis?
  25. Translocation of food takes place in plants through
  26. The amount of blood in a normal man is about
  27. Under the immunisation programme's Govt. of India is providing vaccination to prevent some vaccine-preventable…
  28. In phototropism, auxins
  29. The ultimate substances to which the carbohydrates are degraded are
  30. Blood is