The binding that binds a function call at run time is called

A. early binding

B. run time binding

C. late binding

D. linking

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  1. "[]" Operator is a unary operator.
  2. One of the important features of an abstract class is
  3. this' pointer has to be used while accessing data members in a member function.
  4. Public data members can be accessed
  5. Element double Array[7] is which element of the array?
  6. ios containes a pointer to streambuf.
  7. The signature of a function is
  8. Static data member occurs in only class scope.
  9. Static data member can be declared as const too.
  10. The members of a class by default are private.
  11. The characteristic that data can be manipulated only through member functions that are part of the class…
  12. Organizing data with methods that operate on the data and creating a new data type is called encapsulation.
  13. Class members are _______________ by default
  14. When one object initializes another object the following function is invoked
  15. We cannot have the address of a constructor.
  16. It is possible to allow non member function access to private members of a class by declaring it as
  17. By default, members cannot be inherited.
  18. The scope resolution operator is -
  19. The ?: can be used to replace
  20. The getch() library function
  21. If a friend function is declared inside a class it can access all data members of the class.
  22. The members of a class can be made private by
  23. The binding that binds a function call at run time is called
  24. A base class is inherited by
  25. In C++, the keyword auto can be used for
  26. Protected data members can be accessed
  27. Protected members cannot be inherited.
  28. A constructor cannot be explicitly called.
  29. The following syntax is valid. void inline gram_ panchayat :: show_gram_ panchayat_info().
  30. If class A is friend of class B and if class B is friend of class C, which of the following is…