The blade friction in the impulse turbine reduces the velocity of steam by __________ while it passes over the blades.

A. 10 to 15 %

B. 15 to 20 %

C. 20 to 30 %

D. 30 to 40 %

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  1. Boiler parameters are expressed by
  2. One kg of steam sample contains 0.8 kg dry steam; Its dryness fraction is
  3. The maximum efficiency of a De-Laval turbine is (where α = Nozzle angle)
  4. The best suited coal for chain or travelling grate stoker boiler is
  5. Water tube boilers are
  6. An ideal regenerative cycle is
  7. The density of supersaturated steam is about __________ that of the ordinary saturated vapour at the…
  8. Vacuum for reciprocating steam engines compared to steam turbines is
  9. A throttle governed steam engine develops 15 kW with 280 kg per hour of steam and 35 kW with 520 kg…
  10. The function of injector used in small steam plants is to
  11. Size of boiler tubes is specified by
  12. Feed water conditioning in thermal power plants in done to
  13. A _________ in a boiler is used to put off fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water…
  14. The average operating pressure of Benson boiler is
  15. Mechanical equivalent of heat for 1 kcal or Joule's equivalent is equal to
  16. Clearance ratio is the ratio of
  17. Which is not the correct statement about moisture in coal?
  18. In a receiver type compound engine, the high pressure and low pressure cylinders
  19. The high steam and low water safety valve is used to blow off steam when the
  20. The average value of diagram factor lies between
  21. The difference of supersaturated temperature and saturation temperature at that pressure is called
  22. The cylindrical shell of a Lancashire boiler has diameter from
  23. A safety valve mainly used with locomotive and marine boilers is
  24. The variation of steam pressure in the nozzle depends upon
  25. A condenser where circulating water flows through tubes which are surrounded by steam, in known as
  26. Which of the following is a fire tube boiler?
  27. In reaction turbines, the axial thrust is due to
  28. Which of the following statement is correct?
  29. When the cross-section of a nozzle __________ continuously from entrance to exit, it is called a convergent…
  30. Fire tube boilers are those in which