The bonus increases in proportion to the increase in efficiency. This statement applies to

A. Halsey plan

B. Gantt plan

C. Emerson's efficiency plan

D. Rowan plan

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  1. Tick the odd man out
  2. For a small scale industry, the fixed cost per month is Rs. 5000. The variable cost per product is Rs.…
  3. M.T.M. is used to
  4. PERT is applied for
  5. Breakeven analysis is a
  6. In queuing theory, the nature of the waiting situation can be studied and analysed mathematically if
  7. In a functional organisation
  8. Work study is concerned with
  9. In process layout
  10. CPM requires
  11. In Emerson's efficiency plan of wage incentive system, bonus is paid to a worker
  12. Merit Rating is the method of determining worth of
  13. The critical path of a network represents
  14. Queueing theory is used for
  15. In the perpetual inventory control, the material is checked when it reaches its
  16. Merit rating is the method of determining the
  17. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following
  18. Which of the following incentive plans ensures a part of the swing to the worker and rest to the employer?
  19. Which of the following statement is correct?
  20. A company spends considerable amount on publicity to promote sales. This expenditure in break even chart…
  21. Which of the following layouts is suited for mass production?
  22. The routing function in a production system design is concerned with
  23. Positive slack on a PERT indicates that project is
  24. Queuing theory is associated with
  25. Which of the following organisations is best suited for steel plants
  26. In Lincoln plan (one type of group incentive plan), the amount of the profit which an employee receives…
  27. PERT/CPM, techniques can be used for following applications
  28. Slack represents the difference between the
  29. In micro-motion study, therblig is described by
  30. PERT is