Determine the function of the hilighted dependent clause in each of the followings.

The books which the professor assigned were very expensive.

A. Noun clause

B. Adjective clause

C. Adverb clause

D. None of the above

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  1. Some people buy expensive cars simply because they can.
  2. Do you know which is house is.
  3. I shall do whatever he says.
  4. Melanie hoped to find a cure for the disease, but she tried to be realistic.
  5. While it was raining, nobody went out.
  6. I asked him whenhe would go there.
  7. THe time when they left early
  8. Rita wants to know where to buy cheap gifts.
  9. Richard's chance to make his point slipped away.
  10. Our boss supports donating time to charity .
  11. __________ Jinni did the ironing, _____________ she had also prepared the breakfast.
  12. Which one is the person who stole your car?
  13. The moment _____ I learned the result of the art competition was one of the worst times in my life.
  14. Hoping for a miracle , the doctors continued the surgery.
  15. The dog that Sam chose from the litter seems to be healthy.
  16. I dont want to invite Kamal to the party ___________ he always talks about nonsense things.
  17. That is the place where American's and Japanese's armies fought.
  18. I do not know whether he will come tomorrow.
  19. Get ready now.
  20. ____________ she was walking along the garden, she found a very rare flower.
  21. __________ he behaves well, Mary will never talk to him.
  22. He is so weak that he cannot run.
  23. Meera looks at her husband _________ she hasnt seen him before.
  24. Sam Smith, who recently spoke to the youth group, excels at motivating young people .
  25. The books which the professor assigned were very expensive.
  26. Arnold hoped to find an answer to the funding shortfall.
  27. The reporter crouched behind that tree got the best picture of the arrest.
  28. THe claim that he expressed
  29. Come in, sit down, and tell me why you were late.
  30. Wherever there is a large India city, there will be poverty.