The capacity of a compressor is 5 m /min refers to

A. Standard air

B. Free air

C. Compressed air

D. Compressed air at delivery pressure

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  1. Separators are generally used in air compressor installations
  2. The ideal efficiency of simple gas turbine cycle depends on
  3. The process, which causes the air to enter the impeller blades of a centrifugal compressor at ________…
  4. The compressor capacity is defined as the
  5. If the flow of air through the compressor is perpendicular to its axis, then it is a
  6. The reason for volumetric efficiency of reciprocating compressor being less than 100 percent is
  7. The indicated work per unit mass of air delivered is
  8. The minimum work required for a three stage reciprocating air compressor is ________ the work required…
  9. Gas turbine works on
  10. To avoid moisture troubles, the branch connections from compressed air lines should be taken from
  11. Which is false statement about advantages of multistage compressor in comparison to single stage compressor?
  12. Aeroplanes employ following type of compressor
  13. Surging is the phenomenon of
  14. A gas turbine used in air craft should have
  15. The maximum temperature in a gas turbine is
  16. In a closed cycle gas turbine, the air is compressed
  17. The output of a gas turbine is 300 KW and its efficiency is 20 percent, the heat supplied is
  18. Euler's equation can be used for
  19. In a compressor, free air delivered is the actual volume delivered at the stated pressure reduced to
  20. Gas turbine cycle with regenerator
  21. For perfect intercooling in a two stage compressor
  22. Maximum temperature in a gas turbine is of the order of
  23. Pick up the correct statement
  24. Pressure ratio in gas turbines is the ratio of
  25. The volumetric efficiency of a compressor falls roughly as follows for every 5°C increase in atmospheric…
  26. Air-fuel ratio in a jet engine will be of the order of
  27. The intercooler pressure, for minimum work required, for a two stage reciprocating air compressor, is…
  28. The absolute pressure of air at the outlet of a compressor is called
  29. The maximum delivery pressure in a rotary air compressor is
  30. The work done per unit mass of air in compression will be least when n is equal to