The capacity of induced draft fan compared to forced draft fan in a boiler is

A. Same

B. More

C. Less

D. Less or more depending on size of boiler

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  1. Degree of reaction is defined as the ratio of
  2. An impulse turbine as compared to a reaction turbine, for a given power has _________ row of blades.
  3. Orsat meter is used for
  4. In case of condensing steam engines, the pressure of steam in the cylinder during exhaust stroke is…
  5. When the inlet pressure of steam is equal to the exit pressure, then
  6. An economiser _________ the steam raising capacity of a boiler.
  7. Which of the following statement is correct?
  8. The fire tubes in a Cochran boiler usually have _________ diameter.
  9. The efficiency of the plant __________ with the mechanical draught.
  10. The expansion of steam, as it flows over the blades in reaction turbine, represents
  11. Pick up wrong statement about desired properties of a good fuel
  12. The stage efficiency (ηS) is given by (where ηB = Blading efficiency, and ηN = Nozzle…
  13. In a Parson's turbine stage, blade velocity is 320 m/s at the mean radius and rotor blade exit angle…
  14. In designing air preheaters, the important design consideration is that
  15. The best suited coal for chain or travelling grate stoker boiler is
  16. Which of the following statement is correct?
  17. The chimney draught varies with
  18. Which of the following substance will have same percentage in both proximate and ultimate analysis?
  19. Pulverised fuel is used for
  20. The high pressure boiler is one, which produces steam at a pressure more than
  21. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  22. The difference between Cornish boiler and Lancashire boiler is that
  23. The fittings mounted on the boiler for its proper and safe functioning is a
  24. The relative heat absorption for successively added equal areas of boiler convection heating surfaces
  25. The expansion of steam in a nozzle follows
  26. Thermal efficiency of well maintained boiler will be of the order
  27. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  28. The function of a crosshead is to guide motion of the _________ and to prevent it from bending.
  29. Hygrometry deals with the
  30. The ratio of heat equivalent to brake power to the energy supplied in steam is known as