Each of the following sentences is followed by four words or group of words. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or group of words.

The car we were travelling in _________ a mile from home.

A. broke off

B. broke down

C. broke into

D. broke up

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  1. The deceased left _______ children.
  2. A garden knife is ______used for right pruning.
  3. Brands __________ decision-simplicity strategies make full use of available information to __________…
  4. Her uncle died in a car accident. He was quite rich. She suddenly _________ all her uncles money.
  5. I had not expected to meet him; it was quite an ______ meeting.
  6. An organization .......... to the mission of road safety has prepared an action plan for reducing accidents…
  7. I. The report ended on a .......... note.II. They must take .......... steps to deal with the problem.
  8. Sometimes the greatest inventions ___________ an idea of startling simplicity.
  9. Weather officials have __ below-normal rains this year. If the predictions come true, farm output could…
  10. They were _________ to vacate that house as _________ as possible.
  11. He has already made up his mind on this issue. Now it is____ to argue with him.
  12. A growing number of these expert professionals ___________ having to train foreigners as the students…
  13. Lack of financing options, __________ with HR and technological __________ , make small and medium enterprises…
  14. In spite of her other_____, Kasthuri still managed to find time for her hobbies.
  15. China is a big country, in area it is bigger than any other country __________ Russia.
  16. Nature is ______ and unchangeable , and it is ______ as to whether its hidden reasons and ______ are…
  17. Political power is just as permanent as todays newspaper. Ten years down the line, ___________, who…
  18. Statistics __________ always my worst subject.
  19. The speaker did not properly use the time as he went on_______ on one point alone.
  20. Even as the _________ elsewhere in the world are struggling to come out of recession, Indian consumers…
  21. The carriage foundered in a snowdrift and it took two hours to_____ it.
  22. The organization takes its cue from the person on the top. I always told our business leaders their…
  23. The house that the actress lives in is beautiful, but the surroundings are ________ unpleasant.
  24. The teacher _________ the concept by _________ practical examples.
  25. His most striking _____ is the enthusiasm which he brings to everything he does.
  26. When we call others dogmatic, what we really object to is ___________ .
  27. Though fond of many acquaintances, I desire_____ only with a few.
  28. In an effort to provide _________ for higher education to all, most of the universities have been providing…
  29. If strict security measures were taken, the tragedy might have been ________
  30. The numbers __________ by the legitimate online music service providers indicate that a growing number…