The carbide tools operating at very low cutting speeds (below 30 m/min)

A. Reduces tool life

B. Increases tool life

C. Have no effect on tool life

D. Spoils the work piece

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  1. A twist drill is specified by its
  2. Gear burnishing is a process for
  3. The maximum production of small and slender parts is done by
  4. While cutting helical gears on a non-differential gear hobber, the feed change gear ratio is
  5. The work or surface speed for cylindrical grinding varies from
  6. Which of the following is the correct data structure for solid models?
  7. For turning small taper on long workpiece, the suitable method is
  8. The type of tool used on milling machine and broaching machine is
  9. A drill mainly used in drilling brass, copper or softer materials, is
  10. Which of the following statement is wrong about ultrasonic machining?
  11. If the diameter of the hole is subject to considerable variation, then for locating in jigs and fixtures,…
  12. Chip breakers are used to
  13. A drill considered as a cutting tool having zero rake, is known as a
  14. The lathe centres are provided with standard taper known as
  15. What is the type of welding defect caused due to poor manipulation of weld rod or a dirty joint called?
  16. Cast iron during machining produces
  17. Side rake angle of a single point cutting tool is the angle
  18. A grinding wheel is said to be of _________ if the abrasive grains can be easily dislodged.
  19. A right hand tool on a lathe cuts most efficiently when it travels
  20. In lapping operation, the amount of metal removed is
  21. Buffing wheels are made of
  22. The type of reamer used for reaming soft aluminium or copper, is
  23. The broaching operation in which the work moves past the stationary tool is called
  24. Gear lapping is an operation
  25. The point angle of a drill, for drilling stainless steel, is
  26. The effective number of lattice points in the unit cell of simple cubic, body centred cubic, and face…
  27. The lathe spindles are usually made hollow and provided with
  28. In which type of welding a gas shield, a consumable electrode is used and the welding can be done in…
  29. The usual value of the helix angle of a drill is
  30. Match the following metal forming processes with their associated stresses in the work piece. Metal…