The Carnot co-efficient of performance (COP) of a domestic air conditioner compared to a household refrigerator is

A. Less

B. More

C. Same

D. Dependent on climatic conditions

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  1. Law of corresponding states says that
  2. Near their critical temperatures, all gases occupy volumes __________ that of the ideal gas.
  3. Sound waves propagation in air exemplifies an __________ process.
  4. Efficiency of a heat engine working on Carnot cycle between two temperature levels depends upon the
  5. For a reversible process involving only pressure-volume work
  6. Pick out the wrong statement.
  7. Two substances are in equilibrium in a reversible chemical reaction. If the concentration of each substance…
  8. Trouton's ratio is given by (where λb, = molal heat of vaporisation of a substance at its normal…
  9. For a spontaneous process, free energy
  10. In a working refrigerator, the value of COP is always
  11. All gases during throttling process at atmospheric temperature and pressure show a cooling effect except
  12. Which of the following identities can be most easily used to verify steam table data for superheated…
  13. COP of a refrigerator drawing 1 kW of power per ton of refrigeration is about
  14. The Joule-Thomson co-efficient is defined as (∂T/∂P)H. Its value at the inversion point…
  15. __________ calorimeter is normally used for measuring the dryness fraction of steam, when it is very…
  16. Lenz's law results from the law of conservation of
  17. For a constant volume process
  18. The standard Gibbs free energy change of a reaction depends on the equilibrium
  19. An ideal monatomic gas is taken round the cycle ABCDA as shown below in the P-V diagram. The work done…
  20. Pick out the wrong statement.
  21. In the reaction, represented by, 2SO2 + O2 2SO3; ΔH = - 42 kcal; the forward reaction will be favoured…
  22. The point at which all the three (solid, liquid and gas) phases co-exist, is known as the __________…
  23. A change in state involving a decrease in entropy can be spontaneous, only if
  24. During adiabatic expansion of gas
  25. The efficiency of a Carnot heat engine operating between absolute temperatures T1 and T2 (when, T1 >…
  26. Chemical potential (an intensive property) of a substance is a force that drives the chemical system…
  27. The kinetic energy of gas molecule is zero at
  28. Specific __________ does not change during phase change at constant temperature and pressure.
  29. What is the degree of freedom for two miscible (non-reacting) substances in vapor-liquid equilibrium…
  30. Which of the following processes cannot be made reversible even under ideal condition of operation?