The central processing unit (CPU) consists of

A. Input, output and processing

B. Control unit, primary storage, and secondary storage

C. Control unit, arithmetic-logic unit and primary storage

D. Control unit, processing, and primary storage

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  1. A name applied by Intel corp. to high speed MOS technology is called
  2. What type of control pins are needed in a microprocessor to regulate traffic on the bus, in order to…
  3. Which is not consisted in a processor
  4. When was the first electro-mechanical computer developed?
  5. Which computers used operating systems by Microsoft?
  6. Different components of the motherboard of a PC unit are linked together by sets of parallel electrical…
  7. Which of the following is not a valid size of a Floppy Disk?
  8. Binary numbers need more places for counting because
  9. Which term is used to describe RAM?
  10. Who invented punched cards?
  11. The BIOS is the abbreviation of .
  12. To produce high quality graphics (hardcopy) in color, you would want to use a/n
  13. Codes consisting of light and dark marks which may be optically read is known as
  14. Where as a computer mouse moves over the table surface, the trackball is
  15. Binary circuit elements have
  16. A hybrid computer
  17. To move a copy of file from one computer to another over a communication channel is called?
  18. The metal disks, which are permanently housed in, sealed and contamination free containers are called
  19. The two basic types of record access methods are:
  20. Why ABC is considered electro-mechanical computer?
  21. What is the date when Babbage conceived Analytical engine
  22. High level language is also called
  23. Which of the following is used for manufacturing chips?
  24. Circular division of disks to store and retrieve data are known as
  25. The subject of cybernetics deals with the science of
  26. Which of the following does not store data permanently?
  27. The most common type of storage devices are-
  28. What is an interpreter?
  29. Computers built before the First Generation of computers were:
  30. The word processing task associated with changing the appearance of a document is