The clause in SQL that specifies that the query result should be sorted in ascending or descending order based on the values of one or more columns is

A. View

B. Order by

C. Group by

D. Having

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  1. A _____ is used to define overall design of the database
  2. Which of the following constitutes a basic set of operations for manipulating relational data?
  3. The drawback of shadow paging technique are
  4. The ______ indexes are forced to store only record IDs in the data structure and require at least one…
  5. A ____ key specifies a uniqueness constraint that no two distinct tuples in any state r of relation…
  6. ____ table store information about database or about the system.
  7. _____is a full form of SQL.
  8. In a multi-user database, if two users wish to update the same record at the same time, they are prevented…
  9. DBMS is a collection of _____ that enables user to create and maintain a database.
  10. By ______ an area on disk in certain ways, one can make it represent a bit value of either zero (0)…
  11. The ____ operator joins two or more conditions and displays rows only if that rows data satisfies all…
  12. The concept of mapping of ______ entity types is the concept in which the for each strong entity type…
  13. Which one is true statement :
  14. DFD stands for
  15. Immediate database modification technique uses
  16. Which of the following is not a logical database structure?
  17. Which of the following is a reason to model data?
  18. Given the following relation S(SNO,SNAME,CITY) write a query to update the value of CITY to KANPUR for…
  19. Which of the following aggregate functions does not ignore nulls in its results?.
  20. Precedence graphs help to find a
  21. Cascading rollback is avoided in all protocol except
  22. HSAM stands for ……….
  23. What will be the number of columns and rows respectively obtained for the operation, A- B, if A B are…
  24. Which of the following ensures the atomicity of the transaction?
  25. The division operator divides a dividend A of degree m+n by a divisor relation B of degree n and produces…
  26. _____clause is an additional filter that is applied to the result.
  27. In multiple granularity of locks SIX lock is compatible with
  28. Data items grouped together for storage purposes are called a
  29. The collection of information stored in a database at a particular moment is called as ......
  30. Consider the join of relation R with a relation S. If R has m tuples and S has n tuples, then the maximum…