The combustion reaction, C + O2 = CO2, is

A. Exothermic

B. Endothermic

C. Autocatalytic

D. None of these

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  1. White phosphorous is stored under water, because
  2. Thermosetting materials
  3. The combustion reaction, C + O2 = CO2, is
  4. Bleaching powder (chemically known as calcium chloro hypochlorite) is commercially produced by the action…
  5. BHC (Benzene hexachloride) is made by the chlorination of benzene
  6. Ca(OH)2 is called
  7. Most widely and commonly used coagulant for the removal of suspended impurities in water is
  8. Which oil is preferred for paint manufacture?
  9. Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the process of
  10. Thermosetting plastic materials
  11. Reaction of calcium carbide with water produces a gas, which is used
  12. Alum is commercially produced from
  13. Argon is the third largest constituent of air (followed by N2 & O2). Its percentage by volume in air…
  14. Claude process of gas liquefaction employs
  15. During the manufacture of sulphuric acid, the temperature of molten sulphur is not increased beyond…
  16. Flash point of most vegetable oils is about __________ °C.
  17. Which of the following is used as a coagulant in water treatment?
  18. What products do we get on electrolysis of saturated brine using steel cathode and graphite anode in…
  19. Extraction of __________ employs an electrolytic process.
  20. Which of the following is used as a coagulant in treating turbid water?
  21. Sucrose content in cane sugar may be around __________ percent.
  22. Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) is the starting raw material for the manufacture of
  23. Liquefaction of gases cannot be done by
  24. Very dilute solutions are generally used in fermentation reactions for which the optimum temperature…
  25. Sodium carbonate (soda ash) is not used in the manufacture of
  26. The most popular and common detergent i.e., alkyl benzene sulfonate (ABS) is a/an __________ detergent.
  27. Which of the following is an ore of iron?
  28. Hydrogenation of oil does not
  29. Nylon-6 is manufactured from
  30. Frasch process is for