The comfort conditions in air conditioning are at (where DBT = Dry bulb temperature, and RH = Relative humidity)

A. 25°C DBT and 100% RH

B. 20°C DBT and 80% RH

C. 22°C DBT and 60% RH

D. 25°C DBT and 40% RH

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  1. Which of the following cycles uses air as the refrigerant?
  2. Condensing temperature in a refrigerator is the temperature
  3. Chaperon equation is applicable for registration at
  4. During dehumidification process, the relative humidity
  5. Air refrigeration operates on
  6. In a spray washing system, if the temperature of water is higher than the dry bulb temperature of entering…
  7. Most of the domestic refrigerators work on the following refrigeration system
  8. The sensible heat factor during the heating and humidification process is given by (where h₁…
  9. If a gas is to be liquefied, its temperature must be
  10. An important characteristic of absorption system of refrigeration is
  11. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest boiling point?
  12. During humidification process, __________ increases.
  13. When the air is passed through an insulated chamber having sprays of water maintained at a temperature…
  14. Where does the lowest temperature occur in a vapour compression cycle?
  15. In refrigerators, the temperature difference between the evaporating refrigerant and the medium being…
  16. The refrigerant after condensation process is cooled below the saturation temperature before throttling.…
  17. The comfort conditions in air conditioning are at (where DBT = Dry bulb temperature, and RH = Relative…
  18. The coefficient of performance of Heat Pump is always __________ one.
  19. The boiling point of carbon dioxide is
  20. The wet bulb temperature at 100% relative humidity is ________ dew point temperature.
  21. A refrigerant with the highest critical pressure is
  22. R-12 is generally preferred over R-22 in deep freezers since
  23. Most thermostatic expansion valves are set for a superheat of
  24. In a lithium bromide absorption refrigeration system
  25. The COP of a domestic refrigerator
  26. The dry bulb temperature during sensible heating of air
  27. The evaporator changes the low pressure liquid refrigerant from the expansion valve into
  28. The human body feels comfortable when the heat stored in the body is
  29. In order to cool and dehumidify a stream of moist air, it must be passed over the coil at a temperature
  30. A standard ice point temperature corresponds to the temperature of