The compression ratio for Diesel engines is

A. 3 to 6

B. 5 to 8

C. 15 to 20

D. 20 to 30

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  1. The value of gas constant (R) in S. I. units is
  2. Which of the following statement is correct?
  3. Which of the following is the correct statement?
  4. Formula based on IS codes is based on
  5. In a tensile test on mild steel specimen, the breaking stress as compared to ultimate tensile stress…
  6. For the constant pressure and heat input, the air standard efficiency of gas power cycle is in the order
  7. The process is adiabatic, if the value of n in the equation pvn = C, is
  8. A cycle consisting of two adiabatic and two constant pressure processes is known as
  9. In an ideal gas turbine plant, it is assumed that the compression and expansion processes are
  10. The given figure shows the Mohr's circle of stress for two unequal and like principal stresses (σx…
  11. Within elastic limit, stress is
  12. The efficiency of Diesel cycle depends upon
  13. The atomic mass of sulphur is
  14. The maximum tangential stress in a thick cylindrical shell is always _________ the internal pressure…
  15. For which material the Poisson's ratio is more than unity
  16. The work ratio of simple gas turbine cycle depends upon
  17. A steel bar of 5 mm is heated from 25°C to 45°C and it is free to expand. The bar will induce
  18. Carnot cycle consists of
  19. For a perfect gas, according to Boyle's law (where p = Absolute pressure, v = Volume, and T = Absolute…
  20. If in the equation pvn = C, the value of n = ∝, then the process is called
  21. A fletched beam is used to
  22. Which is the incorrect statement about Carnot cycle?
  23. When a body is subjected to three mutually perpendicular stresses, of equal intensity, the ratio of…
  24. The entropy of water at 0°C is assumed to be
  25. The absolute zero temperature is taken as
  26. The entropy __________ in an irreversible cyclic process.
  27. In a free expansion process,
  28. The change in the unit volume of a material under tension with increase in its Poisson's ratio will
  29. When a bar is cooled to - 5°C, it will develop
  30. The gas turbine cycle with regenerator improves